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Benjamin Vis

  • Affiliation: School of Geography, University of Leeds
  • Core disciplines: archaeology, human geography
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  • Research interests: My research interests concentrate on the relationships between human beings, society and the built environment they produce and inhabit. In practice this is investigated through mapped information on physical-spatial characteristics of the urban landscape and studies with associated digital technologies. As an archaeologist, exotic (ancient) cultures attract me and consequently I have focused some of my training and work on the Maya culture-area and its periphery. As a geographer I actively pursue interpretive theory building and mapping methods (e.g. GIS and remote sensing). This interest culminates in a socio-spatial theoretical perspective on the process of human settlement and urbanisation. The universal nature of human-environment relations currently informs my geographical research on urban landscapes and its buildings from a comparative and critical realist philosophy of science. My main concern is to create better understandings of the social significance of human/society-environment/space relations, structurally connecting qualitative and quantitative methods. My PhD research concerns the development of a comparative method for the social study of urban built environments on the basis of an ontology of boundary line types, called BLT Mapping (GIS-based). Within these themes I have contributed as speaker, session organiser and invitee at numerous international conferences and workshops, and I am a member of several learned societies.
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